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Like many parents, I love a quiet Sunday morning with a lazy start time. There’s nothing like sleeping in!  This morning, however, my four year old daughter decided to jump start my day in her own special way.  I’m not quite sure when she managed to climb into my bed.  She can be ninja-silent when she wants to be.  I only noticed her when those little fingers started tickling my cheek and I heard her raspy little morning voice begin to sing –

Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed.

No more backwards thinking, time for thinking ahead.

Can you believe that? Teddy Pendergrass and my daughter conspired to get me out of bed early on a Sunday morning!  Ordinarily, I might have muttered a “go play” and turned over to finish sleeping. This morning, I couldn’t help but turn to her and smile.  What an absolutely beautiful way to start my day and this 28 day challenge.  I snapped the picture as a reminder to see beautiful in the small and loving acts of my children…even at 8:00 on a Sunday morning.