Learning from the Masters of Play

I watched this video today and was reminded, once again, that somewhere along the road to adulthood, I forgot how to truly play. These past three days have really challenged me to think about my ideas about play. Every day, I am pushing myself to break through the barriers of the responsible adult for just a moment. I want to experience true play. Here is what I am learning: First, I need to move to space that may be unfamiliar to me. I need to challenge myself to feel comfortable with exploring something I don’t really know much about. Second, I need to put aside my need to judge things as good/bad, effective/ineffective, worth/unworthy, and useful/useless. This need to evaluate my play is limiting my opportunities to play. Finally, I need to be comfortable with being an authentic human being. It seems that somewhere along the way I learned about appropriate behavior for adults. Unfortunately, those lessons made very little room for play…real play. I may need to leave those lessons behind if I really want to learn the new lessons waiting for me in these 28 days.

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