Never Too Old To Play

Today began my new For 28 Days Challenge…Play! For the next 28 days, I will look for ways to incorporate more play into each day of my life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Here’s the crazy part…I’m actually a little nervous about this one. After all, I’ve pretty much replaced all the moments of play in my life with “responsibilities.” Don’t get me wrong. I still play the occasional game of basketball. I’m good for game on my iPad when I have a moment to spare. I’ll even take my kids to the neighborhood park now and then. But rarely do I really, really PLAY!
Truth be told, I miss the days when I played with enthusiastic passion whenever I could. There is a part of me that wonders if I will be able to “do it the way I used to.” After all, it’s been a while. Then, there is the adult side of me that is over thinking every part of this challenge. It is the part that is planning for tomorrow’s play (Is it really play if you schedule it on your Google calendar?). It is the part that is wondering if I’ll do it right (Is it possible to play wrong?). It is the part of me that is concerned that I will look childish if someone sees me (Don’t adults need to play too?). These were the questions that were flooding through my mind as I sat drawing a huge chalk flower on our driveway with my kids this evening. I had a great time, but for much of the time I was questioning everything about the experience. My children, on the other hand, were playing like virtuosos. They moved effortlessly…gracefully…from one experience to another (drawing with chalk one second…digging for ants the next). Meanwhile, I stressed over the shading on the petals of my chalk flower. It seems that I have a lot to RE-learn about play, but I have 28 days to learn these lessons. After all, you are never too old to play!

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One thought on “Never Too Old To Play

  1. Love it and loved watching you play outside with the children!

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