28 Days of Seeing Beautiful


At the beginning of this month, I decided to challenge myself to change one small thing in my life.  I wanted to experiment with change; something I have always struggled with.  Inspired by the work of my friend, Lydia, I decided that I would attempt to see more beautiful in my world. Simple, right?  I thought so also. However, I soon found out that this one simple change would impact my life in profound ways, challenge me to really question my own ideas about beauty, and open my eyes to a world that I had been all but blind to before I began the journey.  Now, as I end this first 28 day challenge, I find myself feeling as if I am leaving an old friend after a wonderful 28 day visit.  It is true…seeing beautiful has become a habit for me during the last month. I doubt I will ever see the world the same way.  However, I am hesitant to move on to my next 28 day challenge.  I have been enjoying such a beautiful world with this one.

I’ve also been inspired by the people who have chosen to walk this journey with me.  Like any good road trip, it is always nice to have some like-minded friends along for the ride.  I have smiled when I read your emails describing how your world was changing as you attempted to see more beautiful.  I’ve celebrated the poems and photographs you’ve sent to me.  I’ve struggled with you as you searched for the beautiful during challenging moments of your life.  Thank you for all that you have shared with me over the last month.  Your contributions have helped me to better understand the beautiful the exist in our connections to each other.

Finally, thank you to my friend, Lydia, for inspiring this work.  I look forward to continuing to See Beautiful and Create Beautiful with you in future.  To the rest of the 428 community, I hope that Seeing Beautiful in your world has become a habit for you as well.  I hope that you will join me in our next For 28 Days challenge.  Of course, if you decided not to…I hope that you challenge yourself to take on your very own 28 day challenge.  After all, small changes can change your life in big ways!

Please support the See Beautiful mission!  Visit: www.seebeautiful.com


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